Understanding crochet patterns

Ch, yo, sc, dc, hdc, dctog, sl st, fpdc, bpdc…WHAT IS ALL THIS GIBBERISH?!

Why, it’s just crochet pattern abbreviations! Learning how to crochet is one thing, but learning how to read the patterns takes some patience. I found that it was almost like learning a new language, but I picked it up fast and now I am a pattern master! You too, can become a master!

Beginners usually stick to the basics so I will try and cover the beginning abbreviations only.

ch – CHAIN

This is referring to either a starting chain or any chains between stitches. All projects start with the basic chain stitch.


The act of moving the yarn over the hook to start a stitch.


The simple start to any beginners’ projects


another beginners’ stitch


In the beginning, you will be using these basic abbreviations to make your first project. If you have yarn, hooks and a tapestry needle and you are ready to start on your first project, you can make a practice swatch by following this tutorial.
Crochet for beginners
Good luck and happy hooking!



Crochet tutorial

So I’ve been struggling with trying to record my own crochet tutorial (my laptop camera just wont cut it!) and decided to scrap my idea and try to find a nice tutorial on YouTube.

I found a nice simple one by TLC inspirations! πŸ™‚

basic chain stitch

Happy hooking! πŸ˜‰

Back to Basics

Crochet is so much fun that once you learn how, you will be making cool stuff in no time flat! So if you have never crocheted before I would like to go over a few items you will need to start your journey.

First off, you will need a set of hooks, I chose the Susan Bates brand at Beverly’s Crafts. They are around $7-$10 a set. You may buy just one hook to start with but it is nice to have a variety of sizes for different projects. Trust me, you will want to buy a set! You will also need a pair of scissors for clipping and a tapestry needle for weaving in the ends of your work.


And last but not least you will need to buy some yarn! πŸ™‚

I recommend you buy some light colored acrylic yarn to start with. I say light colored because anything too dark will be hard to work with for the first time as it is hard to see your next move when working with dark colors. Red Heart super saver is a great choice and it is priced perfectly!


Ooops, I have almost run out of battery life for my laptop but I will be back to post more. Next post will be how to make a slip knot and how to start a chain stitch. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your patience as I set up this new blog, stay tuned!

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